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The Black Arab of the Desert

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And so I visited them and met the first black Arabian passion of my life, Masada Bahir (Fa Asar x Masada Fa Hannah), bred by Walter Schimanski (USA). For years we kept in touch with the Stam family and we visited Bahir often. He was so nice, so friendly and tall. Later Manara moved to Ireland and Bahir of course went with them.

In 1999 Elisabeth Stam, Saskia and I visited Walter Schimanski in the USA and we also visited other breeders like Vicki Butler, Cheryl Horton and Robin Weeks. They had all specialised in the so-called Sheykh Obeyd bloodlines and focused on the high percentage Babson ones. Walter had specialised in the straight Babson Egyptians, tracing back to the Arabians imported by Henry Babson only. I liked those ones - and thus Masada Bahir - very much, but I also liked Vicky's and Robin's specialty "Babson/Sirecho". An added plus is that out of the Babson bloodline a lot of black descendants are bred! Even when mixed with other bloodlines, the Babson genes are known to produce a lot of black progeny in the next generations.

Eventually, Saskia and I were able to acquire Manara Samira (Masada Massoud x Matara Saafana) from the Stam family. She was born black and thus turned into a grey later in life. She had the admired Sirecho bloodline and it particularly shows in her exotic head and Dahmah-shaped body. With her outstanding disposition and beautiful looks, Samira made a wonderful first Arabian purebred to us!

Although happy with the Arab of my dreams, I still liked to own a black Arab of the desert. Coincidentally in 2005 I saw Zabira Atya advertised by Mazuna Arabians, Holland. Zabira is by Ebony Rumaadi, a beautiful black stallion with some Babson blood, and out of Bach Raisa who produced quite some black foals with Ebony. An interesting combination! I fell in love with Zabira right away and purchased her. She is tall, showy, dishy and has an outstanding temperament. I hope to breed interesting black foals out of her! She also is essential for our future breeding programme because she offers us very different SE bloodlines. Whereas Samira provided us with a more than 99% Babson pedigree, Zabira has only 12.5% Babson bloodlines. Maybe one day, a combination of the breeding results of our two foundation mares will be possible!

Zabira Atya

Photo credit: www.WolffPhotography.nl

Meanwhile I also became interested in the very rare Iranian Arabian horses of Schieferegg Stud. Thirty years ago, they leased a couple of pure Iranian horses from the Iranian government and founded their Iranian-Egyptian breeding programme. These horses are of great interest because very few are left to breed on outside Iran and even in their homeland they have become rare. And on top of all that, the Iranian Arabs are true performance horses! They excel in endurance and other sports like TREC. The grey Abu Khamseh (Khamseh x Parsa) stud sire of Schieferegg beat the horse of reining World Champion endurance Miguel Vila in September 2006 in an international endurance race over 200kms in two days! Abu and his trainer and rider, Tina Weidner, have been very successful in endurance, winning the Al Andalus ride over 460 kms in 8 days in May 2006 and also winning the prize for the Best Arabian in the competition. Earlier, Tina became a champion in TREC with her own Iranian-Egyptian stallion, Hamza.

Schieferegg's Thaia

Photo credit: www.WolffPhotography.nl

Last, but not least, this stud also specialises in breeding black SE and Iranian-Egyptian performance Arabians. Their first import - now with Bibi Degn in Germany - the stunning black mare, Jezabel (34 yrs!) successfully finished a ride of 30kms at age 30, ridden by the 13 year-old son of Degn. These horses seem to get quite old, because Jezabel's former partner, Jallad, also pure Iranian, is now 30 years old. He is the sire of the black Iranian-Egyptian Jima (out of Bint Jezabel) who is now competing at distance rides in Austria. Black Bint Jezabel (by Habib) is now producing wonderful endurance foals by Abu Khamseh.

I do not need to say that our next purchase will be a Schieferegg Iranian-Egyptian! Black or blue, it will be a fantastic performance horse! Then I also found out that my precious Zabira descends from Schieferegg's first stud sire, Hamdan II. It is a special bloodline because his dam was Folla, the Tahawi bred, and thus 'real' bedu bred, mare! Considering the supreme performance qualities of the Schieferegg breeding programme, of course I am even more proud of my Zabira!

We are currently competing in distance rides with our first pure-bred purchase, Samira. She is doing well and, considering her Babson heritage, we hope to breed good performance foals, perhaps with a black coat too, out of her. Zabira Atya is now two years of age and we hope to breed nice babies out of her before entering her into competitions. And about our future Iranian-Egyptian performance Arab? That will be a another story to tell!

Manara Samira

Photo credit: www.WolffPhotography.nl

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