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Please be cautious when dealing with enquiries about the horse(s) or item(s) you have advertised for sale as "scam emailers" are known to be operating world-wide and a number of advertisers on our site have advised us that they have received such approaches.

Use your common sense when dealing with enquiries.

A typical scam is where the prospective purchaser will offer to pay more than the asking price for your horse/item for sale without seeing it. This in itself should make the alarm bells ring! The fraudster will then send you a cheque for an amount over and above the asking price, then contact you and ask you to refund the difference. Their cheque will not be honoured, but yours will be cashed. This is a scam to extort money from you.

Do NOT respond to scam emails or to anyone approaching you in the manner described or in any way that appears irregular or suspicious.

Please let us know if you receive any such contacts through our web site by emailing us at ads@theblackarabianhorse.com.


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