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Some of the comments we have received from advertisers on this page:-

"It is a very good service! I got my filly Khadilla through The Black Arabian Horse
and she is a beauty!"
"I have now found a suitable mare to lease - many thanks to TheBlackArabianHorse website!"

"Wanted advert produced plenty of replies,  I have now sourced a suitable horse.  Thank you."
"I thank you for helping me obtain a lovely filly"
"Good site - have had several replies and have now found a horse. Thanks."
"Excellent service, loads of feedback from my ad which helped me find my stallion."
"Your service is always excellent & I will be advertising again with you this coming season."
"I would recommend you to anyone looking for their perfect Arab."
"Excellent website thank you I have found my dream horse!"

Gelding, any colour

Price: Up to €4,000 (Euros)

Must be used to traffic and needs to be reliable when ridden. Bay and black horses preferred. 
I live in Denmark and can offer a 5 star home.

Contact: Sanne Mψller-Meck, Denmark
Email: godkone@gmail.com

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Arab stallion, colt, gelding

Any colour apart from chestnut. Maximum of 8 years old. 15.3hh or taller or to make the height. Must have good blood lines.

Price: Up to £6,000 (British Pounds)

Contact: Jody Burrows, England
Email: jodyhburrows@googlemail.com
Tel: 07788 403657

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Pure Polish world class show quality filly

Any colour.

Price: Negotiable

Contact: Susan, UK
Email: kelly676@gmail.com

Ad placed 26 July 2011

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Black Colt

6 to 18 months old, with no white if possible. Good mentality, for outdoor riding and breeding.

Price: Up to €4,000 (Euros)

Contact: Lefθvre Barbara, Belgium
Email: sheitan48@hotmail.com

Ad placed 29 March 2011


Black or black bred Arabian

Wanted on breeding loan. Term of loan negotiable. I can offer a loving 5 star home on a one-to-one basis. I am not a 'big' breeder, but looking to breed something for future showing/endurance. Must have a loving temperament and be correct with her confirmation etc. References available.

Price negotiable

Contact: Nicola Gimson, UK
Email: nicola.gimson@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 0044 7866 049 040

Ad placed 3 September 2010

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Black Arabian Filly or Mare

Less than 6 years old, with a lovely head, for riding.

Price: Up to €4,500 (Euros)

Contact: Droussant, France
Email: kalliste-arabians@hotmail.fr

Ad placed 24 August 2010

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Black Half-Arabian/Paint Stud Colt

To trade my Davenport/Crabbet/Egyptian/domestic non-black reg. Arabian mare, bombproof, broken to ride on trail/woods for a half-Arabian/paint stud colt with Syn-Ababa****Synbad bloodlines-to grow to over 16.hh. Look like a paint muscle up, but have the head, gait and neck arch and high tail carriage of an Arabian. A breeding stock - no paint markings except for maybe small white spots maybe under belly and on neck, shoulder area - and friendly, loving, smart. 

Price: Free to $650 (US Dollars)
Contact: Linda Murdock, USA
Email: Ladyhorsewhisperer44@webtv.net

Ad placed 3 August 2010

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Arab Colt or Stallion

Any colour. Between 14hh to 15hh and aged 2 to 6 years.

Price: £1,500 (British Pounds)
Contact: Alice, England
Email: alice.meon@ntlworld.com

Ad placed 12 June 2010

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Black SE mare or Filly for Breeding

Located in Europe. Must be black. Please send email with price, pictures and pedigree.

Price: Between €4,000 and €14,000 (Euros)

Contact: Juilette Saint, France
Email: juilettesaint@gmail.com

Ad placed 12 June 2010

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Straight Egyptian Filly or Mare

1 year to 10 years, any colour.

Price: Up to €9,000 (Euros)

Contact: Rami, Israel
Email: rami_hajouj_9@hotmail.com

Ad placed 31 May 2010

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Black Mare

To buy, less than 8 Years old preferred. SE an advantage. Located in Europe is a must. In foal could be fantastic.

Price: Up to €15,000 (Euros)

Contact: Farhnag Fazeli, Iran
Email: farhang.fazeli@gmail.com
Tel: +989122600061

Ad placed 18 March 2010

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Black, bay or black bay Arabian filly

From 6 months to 4 years, with big motion and type.

Price: Up to €4,000 (Euros)

Contact: Sara, Italy
Send photos and price to dfmutazz@gmail.com.

Ad placed 8 March 2010

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Arabian mares

Wanted for breeding programme in France. Any colour with pure Arab stallions Black Rod and Edkytion. 

Price: Negotiable or loan mares

Contact: Michelle Odone, France
Email: smallworld_stud@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 0033633292463

Ad placed 1 February 2010

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Homozygous, coloured PBA or Pintabian colt/stallion

Wanted to loan/lease/buy or use via AI. Any colour. Must be certified homozygous and SCID free.

Price: Negotiable

Contact: Shirley Gray, Scotland
Email: shirleygray@talktalk.net
Tel: 01357 521084

Ad placed 3 January 2010

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Black Arab 14hh+

Filly, colt or gelding considered, but no stallions. I am based in Hampshire in the South of England, but I am willing to travel, but nothing outside of the UK please.

If you have anything that sounds suitable please e-mail me at jazzandsummer@yahoo.co.uk or give me a call on 02380 410632. I have a budget of £3,500 max.

Price: Up to £3,500 (British Pounds)

Contact: Jasmine Becheley, England
Email: jazzandsummer@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 02380 410632

Ad placed 6 December 2009

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Black Arabian Stallion

About 3 years old, very classic head with huge eyes are essential. I am in the south-east of England so only interested in UK based horses. Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

Price: Depending on horse

Contact: Mr Graham Wallis, England
Email: grahamwallis2000@yahoo.com

Ad placed 30 November 2009

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2009 black Arab filly foal

Wanted to keep own foal company at weaning. Future endurance star wanted for competitive rides at advanced level. Homozygous black preferred for possible breeding after endurance career. Home for life offered. Own Arab 36 years young!

Price: Up to £1,000 (British Pounds)

Contact: Sally Mellor, UK
Email: mattmellor@abccomms.co.uk
Tel: 01588650603

Ad placed 22 September 2009

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Black or Black-Bred Mare wanted on loan

Wanted on breeding loan for 2010. Can be returned in foal to one of my SE stallions.

Price: On loan

Contact: Lisa May, North East, UK
Email: barood06@yahoo.uk
Tel: 00 44 0642 550300

Ad placed 14 September 2009

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Black or bay Arabian stallion wanted on loan

I have a small stud in the North East of England and I am now looking for a suitable boy to come and join us. I can offer a 5* home with experienced staff on site 24/7. All horses are also shown.

Price: Loan

Contact: Lisa May, North East, UK
Email: barood06@yahoo.uk
Tel: 07544409882 

Ad placed 6 August 2009

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Purebred Black Arabian Filly or Yearling

We have experience in bringing on Arab foals and have the passion to do this. We would prefer a black colour or a dark/bright filly please.

Please don't hesitate to ring if you have the right foal for us. We would be able to pay £800 to £1000 and might be able to consider going higher. It would have to be local e.g. in the south west of England and we would consider Wales and further for the right foal. Thank you for taking your time to read this, it is very much appreciated.

Price: £800-1000 (British Pounds)

Contact: Beverly Ford, Bristol, England
Email: taylorfiona85@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 07813240517

Ad placed 7 July 2009

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Forward going QUALITY Arabian

To buy or loan. Any colour. 15.2HH + ridden no show. Stunning knowledgeable home with over 22 years vet nurse experience on the South Wales coast for the right horse. Age not important. Please send pics and price.

Price: Negotiable
Contact: Miss Sonja Oliver, South Wales, UK
Email: chalfs@aol.com
Tel: 07989 913337

Ad placed 29 June 2009

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Pure bred yearling filly, colt or gelding

Any colour

Price: £1,000 (British Pounds)

Contact: Susan Pownall, UK
Email: loopy-sue50@blueyonder.co.uk
Tel: 07742487063

Ad placed 16 June 2009

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Black Arab Mare

Black Arab mare or any other colour apart from grey. Egyptian bred or similar with pretty dish face. Fantastic permanent home offered. Looking for mare that needs new home, but not expensive.

Price: Please email to discuss

Contact: Kerry, England
Email: info@jonathanlloyd.com

Ad placed 5 May 2009

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Black Purebred Straight Egyptian

Bay or black mare, any age.

Price: €2,500 (Euros)

Contact: Sara, Italy
Email: sarahm87@tiscali.it

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Pure/part-bred Arabian riding horse

Any colour. 6-10 years old. Gelding preferred. Well schooled all-rounder with no vices or health issues.

5* permanent home awaits. Initial loan with a view to purchase. Excellent references provided. Any inspection welcome.

Price: Maximum £3,000 (British Pounds)

Contact: Liz Mitchell, England
Email: summerfld2@aol.com
Tel: +44(0)2380 811232

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Black Arab Mare/Filly

Nice and laid back with bone and substance, not the fine type, for family home that does the odd endurance ride and competes western.

Price: Sensible price
Contact: Sharon Hutley, UK
Email: zanagay@btinternet.com
Tel: +442380890113

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Tall (15.2hh+) Arab or high % Arab mare

For endurance and some dressage. Bay or black preferred. Ideally under 8yrs old, but ridden (at least the basics) and used to traffic please! Some issues and vices can be dealt with, but I don't want to start right from scratch. I will travel to view, UK only.

Price: Up to £2000 (British Pounds)

Contact: Anna Harris, UK
Email: anna.harris@gmail.com

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Black Arabian Mare or Filly

Wanted to come and be my best friend this year or next. Ideally broken in and used as a brood mare, but anything considered. Will be used mainly for just hacking out and having lots of fun with, poss fun showing and breeding in future.

Price: £1000 - 3500 (British Pounds)

Contact: Dawn Adamson, England
Email: doodledogss@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 07535649843

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Black Stallion

5-8 years old, show career is a plus, SE is preferred, strong pedigree, good movement.

Price: €20000-25000 (Euros)

Contact: Farhang Fazeli, Iran
Email: farhang.fazeli@gmail.com
Tel: +989122600061

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Black Arabian Mare

Black bred, proven broodmare with impeccable breeding and super temperament for a new rider. Email please.

Price: £900 (British Pounds)

Contact: Isaac Frank, UK

Email: isaac_frank@ymail.com

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Black Homozygous Mare

For breeding and/or riding, she has to have good conformation, a sound personality, strong legs, straight top line and good tail carriage.

Upright and fairly long neck . Small head with an "Arab" looking face. She has to be in good health and ready for breeding. These are general guidelines as to what I'm looking for, but please feel free to email if you own something close to what I need. Thanks for looking.

Price: $ open to offers
Contact: Fernando, California, United States
Email: fernaperez2005@yahoo.com

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Black gelding 14.3 - 15.3 hh

Preferably no younger then 4 years, broken or unbroken. Lively and forward temperament would be great. A real character with good paces. Offering a 5* dedicated and experienced home.

Price: Up to £4,000 (British Pounds)

Contact: Nadine, England
Email: 4jtodd@Blatchingtonmill.brighton-hove.sch.uk

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High percent part Arab palomino or buckskin

Any colour. Would like to trade for a rare cremello Saddlebred colt. Cremellos will dilute all colors i.e. chestnut to 100% palomino/bay to buckskin or palomino. Possible smokey blacks.

Contact: Kaaren Stafford, USA
Email: kstafford6@juno.com
Web: www.highpointarabians.com
Tel: 740-698-0718

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Arabian (Egyptian) mare or stallion

Any colour, from 3 to 9 years old. I am based in Greece. I prefer countries near Greece, wherefore expenses of shipping. Please contact me via email.

Price: €3,000 Euros

Contact: Angela, Greece
Email: eveswt@hotmail.com

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Arab Mare

Any colour, but preferably black, healthy, 8 to 13 yrs. Loving, permanent home - country house with private barn - with children.

Price: €2000 (Euros)

Contact: Esther, Italy
Email: estherglauco@yahoo.it
Tel: 39 3297514859

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Chestnut Gelding

Calm and gentle suitable for novice rider.

Price: €1,500 (Euros)
Contact: Julie Sharpe, France
Email: sharpeshooters2@hotmail.com

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Grey Gelding or Mare

Up to 15h.

Price: £5000 (British Pounds)
Contact: Lisa, UK
Email: lisa.yates@egmanton.org.uk

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Black Mare

Lulu (The Atticus/Akoolah) black mare - owner of others of this breeding trying to find present owner of this mare, bred by the late Dr June Alexander in the UK.

Contact: KL Gilfoyle-McGroarty, UK
Email: omi.miniatures@googlemail.com

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Black Arabian Colt

I am looking for a black colt from 1 to 3 years old. I am based in Italy. Please contact me via email.

Price: Up to €5000 (Euros)
Contact: Sara, Italy
Email: sarahm87@tiscali.it
Tel: +393293518395

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Black Arabian Horse

Price: $10000 - $15000 (US Dollars)
Contact: Senmar, KSA, Saudia Arabia
Email: jasssasss@hotmail.com
Tel: 00966553105830

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Black Arabian stallion or mare

Three years old or above, good pedigree!

Price: $5000-15000 (US Dollars)
Contact: kmarabians@interia.pl

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Stallion, any colour

On Loan, for ridden showing and limited breeding. Anything considered over 14.2hh. Happy to back ect. Excellent 5* home awaits.

Price: £500 (British Pounds)
Contact: Florence Evans, England
Email: fjarabians@hotmail.co.uk

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Exotic black stallion

To have good show record, excellent conformation. Loan, to buy or payment terms. Experienced, permanent loving home awaits with excellent facilities.

Price: Depending on horse
Contact: E Sheppard, England
Email: estellesheppard@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 07804706699

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Black mare to lease/loan

Preferably straight Egyptian, but others considered, to breed to my straight Egyptian black stallion. 5* home assured with other Arabians. Other colours considered. Happy to send back in foal at the end of lease/loan. Our stud can be viewed at www.desertegyptianarabians.com.

Contact: Nadine Laws, England, UK
Email: info@desertegyptianarabians.com
Tel: 07895 886537

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Quality filly/foal/mare

In exchange for a quality 3-year-old colt black, qualified for Europe first time out, 2nd time out won bronze at Ukiahs. Cannot keep colts/stallions. Kareem can be viewed at Ess-Jay Arabians.

Kareem has been sold, he has found a wonderful new home in Austria, all the best Julia.
Karen West, owner of Kareem

Contact: Karen West, England
Email: kareemarabians@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 07929 226513/01590 689742

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Black Arabian

Colt/gelding. Up to 5yrs old. Egyptian or Crabbet.

Price: Up to $2500 (US Dollars)

Contact: Annelise Gonsalves, USA 
Email: teotonio1@aol.com

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Black Arabian

With pedigree.

Price: $5000-10000 (US Dollars)

Contact: Senmar, Saudia Arabia
Email: jasssasss@hotmail.com
Tel: 00966553105830

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Black Arabian Gelding or Stallion

Outstanding beautiful black Arabian. Must be broken in. 

Price: Up to $5000 Australian Dollars
Contact: Alena, Australia, NSW (Central Coast Region)
Email: belle_myarab@hotmail.com
Tel: 0431242469 or 0488535284

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Arabian gelding or mare

No stallions please. Any colour, has to be broken, at least 4-y-o and good for an intermediate child.

Price: Up to $1000 (US Dollars)
Contact: Kaitlyn, USA
Email: horseluvvr@hotmail.com

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Black Arabian Mare for Lease

Seeking older mare. Just had to put mine down (she was 24 yrs and my baby).

Contact: Janice Buckley, USA
Email: janice@cfaith.com
Tel: 425-9311047

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Arabian wanted

Any colour. Suitable for a beginner rider.

Under $600 (US Dollars)

Contact: Bec, Queensland, Australia
Email: rdenn11@hotmail.com

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Black Arabian

Price: Up to €6000 (Euros)

I am looking for a black Arabian horse to start under saddle, not for showing. I'm interested in a beautiful head, correct legs and a good height.

Contact: Sarah E.S., Italy
Email: sarahm87@tiscali.it

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Exotic black purebred

Price: Below $10,000 (US Dollars)

Mare, filly, stallion or colt (not a gelding). Good temperament, very classic head with huge eyes, long arched upright neck and long level croup are essential. Have gorgeous 3/4 Arabian palomino mare for possible trade.

Contact: Jan, USA
Email: providencefarm@charter.net

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Exchange Wanted

I lost my black half Arabian (Egyptian) gelding January 2006. I would consider trading my registered Double Fadjur bred 15.2hh grey Arabian maiden mare for similar.

Contact: Lesa D Cosby, USA
Email: Ladyhorsewhisperer44@msn.com

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Black Arabian mare

For loan, lease or purchase at right price

Privacy offers loving 5 star accommodation for black Arabian female over 15.0hh aged from 3 to 10 years to start the discipline of endurance. Good conformation and temperament is essential. No problem to transfer the horse to Italy from anywhere in Europe.

Contact: Mariuccia, Italy
Email: Mariuz2000@tin.it

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Purebred Arabian filly

Preferably weanling or yearling. Any colour.

Price: Up to $1500 (US Dollars)

Contact: Alicia Weed, Australia
Email: aliciaweed22@yahoo.com.au
Tel: 0401465497

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15-16 HH Arabian

Any colour. Prefer grey, but black would be just as nice. Correct conformation required. Must be ready to start. Prefer horse already accomplished in dressage and jumping. Stallion or mare, no geldings unless they are irresistible and highly accomplished.

American living in Bali, Indonesia. Embargo on importing horses from the USA, sorry to say. Horse will be my personal riding partner and will be carried around on a silver platter in terms of love and care.

Price: Up to $20,000 (US Dollars)
Contact: Carisa Carlton, Indonesia
Email: carisacarlton@yahoo.com
Tel: 62 81 338 408 504

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Black Arabian mare, stallion or gelding 

Easy riding for pleasure and a good manner.

Price: Up to €10,000 (Euros)
Contact: Selen Arat, Istanbul, Turkey
Email: selenarat@hotmail.com

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Black female horse

Price: Under $10,000 (US dollars)
Contact: Fabrizio Grammegna, Italy
Email: info@horseplus.it
Tel: +393351310668

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Black Arabian Stallion

+- US$7,000 (US Dollars)

Black Arabian Stallion +-3 yrs old, pedigree extremely important. White socks, white muzzle. Looking for a horse in South Africa, if abroad please quote a price including transport costs. 

Contact: Dawood, South Africa
Email: Streetfever@polka.co.za
Tel: +27 041 3638566

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Black, straight Egyptian stallion

Up to €25,000 (Euros)

Contact: Fabrizio Grammegna, Italy
Email: presidente@neopolis.it
Tel: +39 335 13 10 368

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Pure/part bred Arab wanted

15.2-16.2hh, any colour, any sex, 3-10 years, the livelier the better! Around Cheshire area.

Price: £2000-£2500 (British Pounds)

Contact: Miss Rachael Dennison

Email: nicola.dennison@tiscali.co.uk

Tel: 01625 874962

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Arab horse for riding and showing

Any colour, preferably with the ability to jump. Around 15.2hh. 5* loving home available.

Price: £5000 (British Pounds) approx

Contact: Chloe Weaver, England
Email: chloe-weaver@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 01689 878049 or 07949 329313

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Black gelding

Black Gelding 15HH up 7 years old plus. Ideally backed and will be used as a pleasure horse at a wonderful and loving home in Sussex. White markings not a problem.

Please contact Rebeckah Pearce on rebeckah@musicjournalist.co.uk or 
Tel +44(0)1424 713015 or +44(0)7765 665679

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Black Arabian mare/filly on loan or sale

Ideally broken in and have been used as a broodmare, but anything considered.

Will be used for pleasure hacks and to have lots of fun with. Do not mind white markings!

Please contact Dawn Adamson
Email saucy222003@yahoo.co.uk or text/ring +44(0)7742 840617

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Black Arabian riding horse

4 to 9 years old
Gelding preferred, but would consider mare, 15hh +
Up to £5,000 available for the right horse

Please contact Katie Abbiss
Email katie_abbiss@hotmail.com
Tel +44(0)7711 843996

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